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The Original Dog Bowl Srubber.

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All Five Stars on The Grommet

Truly amazing! I have a very juicy boy, a great dane with great jowls :). NOTHING would remove what I now know to call bioslime. This scrubber makes it disappear. So good I bought a second one for my dog trainer daughter.


Use it every day, because I use cast iron to cook in every day. Because you are not supposed to use soap, this Scruffer makes quick work of cleaning out the stuck on cooked food from the pan. Super easy to rinse that gunk out of this Scruffer, unlike green pads or other types cleaning tools. I have had friends and family say they love it, and want one, can't say enough about it. Makes a fun stocking stuffer!


Used it on dog bowls, chicken feeder and water supply and great for scrubbing horse troughs and feeders. Glad I bought two, so I can keep them hanging in handy places.


This scrubber is exactly what I was looking for. I hated using scrubber sponges that were cleaning counter tops on my cats’ dishes. The mesh scrubber to the rescue! It easily gets through the dried up food bits and cleans up beautifully. I highly recommend this product.


Put the Metal to Your Pet Bowl

The Scruffer can handle the toughest of jobs!

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